Saturday, January 20

Comme Sur Des Roulettes

...As If On Wheels.

This was a rather funny french film that I saw in TV last week about a man who pretended to be disabled in order to get a job. Believe me it was funny, in fact it was almost farcical and if your french is up to it Id recommend it. I suspect the french are not as PC as we are because its the sort of film I can't imagine anyone making here because people would get too het up about it. Anyway the gist of the story is, he learns what life's about living in a chair, has his house repossessed, makes lots of disabled friends who believe it or not are funny, warm and genuine people with real personalities and falls in love. Of course it doesn't last and eventually they all find out he can walk, and isn't disabled at all. After a few minutes of incredulity and running around, they all forgive him, understand, laugh and are all friends again. And of course the woman he loves doesn't feel at all upset or betrayed! But listen I said it was a comedy not real life, but if someone did that to me I'd probably be so upset and furious I would miraculously jump up and slap them very hard, at least once!

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