Wednesday, July 1

Kitchen Fever

The last week has been mayhem! At last after months of planning our new kitchen started to take shape. Designed with me in mind its going to be terrific , the only problem being that while it was being done I was pretty much a prisoner in my own home or out of it. Either way I couldn't get out the house and if I did manage it no way was I going to get back in. The kitchen is our primary way into the house and while there is a back door its pretty much impossible with out several Sherpas to get me up the step or 2, over the grass, down a step and over the bump, and through the door. Not to be recommended. The team of builders responsible for installing the whole thing took over the whole garden, patio and kitchen, we were going stir crazy and the chances of negotiating through the mayhem and making it safely to the car were slim. lets just say that since Thursday this is the first quiet day and we are loving it. the kitchen has basically taken shape with all the units ow in place. We have been able to put the food back in and start living like normal people. The builder will be back on Monday but I'm hopeful the worst is over.


  1. Hi..award for you over at mine. :)

  2. Anonymous22:57

    shabat shalom young ones up there in the sticks !!!

    those blogs are great stuff I shall if I may keep and eye on them
    been to Carlisle and its a lovely place beautil north .... from London where life is never dull...