Thursday, November 3

Tin openers

I need a new tin opener and I need one now. So far this year I have managed to wreck 4 different types, all of which assure you on the packaging they are 'easy to use'. I don't find them at all easy to use actually and because I cant grip them hard enough I end up using them at an odd angle which eventually causes the cutting blade to either snap or become unusably blunt. I have been thinking of getting an electric opener but have shied away so far as they seem big and bulky on the worktop, or I suspect the smaller ones are heavy as they take batteries. To be honest I try to use ring pull tins where possible these fays but even now they are not available in every item you want. So I'm open to suggestions. And as for hot water bottles, don't get me started on how hard they are!

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  1. I did have to go to a larger counter top.....but my first electric is a palm-sized pod thing. It's a proctor silex, I think. It plugs in to recharge. It isn't heavy. I'll look it up later and attach a link.