Monday, February 20

Diet update 2

Well so far so good. I have now been on a diet for 4 months and have lost x amount of pounds. I don't know actually because  never weigh myself but I can report that I have definitely lost weight. My clothes are all hanging a bit better and a few pairs of trousers that were rather tight are much more comfortable. For me its a long haul as I'm not doing anything physical to burn off the extra calories. So I have given up what I call empty calories, The ones you just eat because they are around but serve no purpose. The odd biscuit, butter on my bread, cutting all the carbs out, banishing chocolate and alcohol. I'm very fat and carbohydrate aware these days. I'm used to it now and don't feel terribly deprived. It may take me a long time but it is working slowly so long may it continue, because I need to lose about a stone I suppose!

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  1. Becki18:52

    have been reading through your blog, and I share so many of your pet hates!! Mainly the old people and the lack of provision for disabled people with children (God forbid a cripple should have a child - or shock horrror 5!!!!) I am trying to lose weight right now too - not an easy task when you can't really exercise. Hope your doing ok - and please keep up the blog - it's quite a giggle at times!! x x