Friday, February 1

Winter Winds.

Im sure everyone reaches a point in their lives where they think thats it, Im officially old and decrepit. At the moment Im at that point as this winter has almost killed me off physically. I feel its sucking the life from me and if I had a ticket to somewhere warm Id be on that plane yesterday with no intentions of coming back for some months. While I dont mind snow as such, once we get it Im trapped in the house. Last week we were in for 9 days. I have learned through bitter experiences that its better to sit it out than get stuck. But my God the cold is unbearable. The cold doesnt usually bother me that much but this year for the first time Im really suffering. My tendons in my feet are absolutely screaming at me, so much so that Im actually screaming with pain, as my feet arch and writhe. Im certain its to do with cold as this just doesnt happen in warmer weather, my legs shriek with sciatica and my hands are white and numb with cold. Im gobbling Tramadol and Gabapentin like they are chocolate buttons and I have long hot baths to ease my aching body and plot my escape to warmer climes. Anywhere will do to be honest Im not particular. Please take me a way from it all, failing that gifts of thermal socks will do.

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