Tuesday, January 29

A Step Up.

Rainy Days in January.

One of my biggest bugbears in the 21st century is lack of physical access century. Its is still acceptable for a company such as Boots Pharmacy to operate with a large step outside. I have worked in planning and I know while it may cost to remove the step it isnt actually that big a deal and I know of only one premises where this really would be impossible. However as Boots have a near monopoly on high street pharmacies they think they can get away with making people like me sit outside with our prescriptions and ring the bell for assistance. if you know me at all you will quickly realise I would rather crawl over hot coals than do this and so I end up either asking someone to go in for me or driving to the nearest accessible pharmacy which is 20 miles away. If you had to do this you wouldnt think its acceptable and frankly neither do I, But Boots thinks it is, and continues to be a serial offender. Shame on them.

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