Sunday, January 27

DING DONG! What did you say?

Ive mentioned sometime ago in the dim and distant past that I have tinnitus. I have had it for years and didnt realise for a long time because I naturally assumed that everyone could hear what I was hearing, which is a loud squeal or ringing and a shhhhhhh-ing sound. Actually its hard to describe and I dont think anyone could really reproduce it. Anyway over the past year I have noticed that its been getting a lot worse and to put it bluntly Im going deaf with it. The main problem is that the tinnitus has turned itself up in volume which means I cant pick out other sounds. Loud high pitched noises are particularly trying as I can actually feel my eardrums vibrate and it causes me some discomfort. Crowds stop me from having any meaningful conversation as I cant pick out what you are saying to me as opposed to the person sitting 10 feet away. Basically I can hear a lot of noise and no detail in the sound. The good news for the time being anyway is that I can happily play music to myself and enjoy it, I just dont want to share it with lots of other people. 

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