Wednesday, November 21

Goodbye 2012

And so as we drift towards the end of the year, with little over a month to go, I see its a record low for my blogging this year. I suppose I needed to take some time away and I toyed about giving it up which I dint really want to but sometimes things come to a natural end. The year has been hard, my husband has been particularly unwell and has needed quite a bit of care, all coming from me. The health service hasn't been great on that point and its taken too long and almost finished me off in the process to sort him out. My youngest son has developed acute asthma that has seen him in hospital over several occasions, we had a long holiday in the summer which brought some fun back into my life and like most people I know times have been hard going. As for me I have had medical issues which remain unresolved at this point and I will take them forward into 2013 hopefully life will resume with some normality whatever that may be. So I return to blogging with a true sense of KBO!, get off my shoulder black dog, I am sick of seeing you there!

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