Sunday, October 1

The Freeman

I had a referral to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle last week as well. See I get around quite a bit these days. Someone somewhere had the idea that getting bespoke leg braces might work for me, so he sent me off to see this guy at the Freeman who does made to measure.
My appointment was at 10am on a Monday morning. To say it was bedlam was an understatement!! Obviously every clinic is held at 10am on Mondays. Parking was almost impossible, and I arrived late which is my pet hate of life. It didn't really matter there must have been 100s of people waiting to see someone somewhere as the waiting areas were packed with all sorts of people, standing, sitting, even lying. Truly chaotic. I queued up to register my arrival and the woman behind me keep burping. Her companion was saying are you alright and all I could think was please don't throw up over me. Disconcerting.

I finally got to see my bloke an hour later. Id been told he was brusque and someone had said, don't know how you will get on with him, so I was prepared for anything. First thing he said was Dont know why you've been sent here, this is rhuematology you know. Id noticed, as the average age in the waiting room was about double my age. So he umm'ed and ah'ed a bit. Got me to take off half my clothes, fiddled around with my legs, wiggled my hips, flapped my ankles took some photos, and then said. No there's nothing I can do for you. The only way we can get you up is to have your legs completely rigid. Hmmm rather defeats the object really.

Cant say I'm disappointed. More like relieved really. I didn't want to be someone who used braces as in all honesty they make me feel more disabled than I already am, and secondly the fewer medical appointments I have the better.

So this is it, this is as good as it gets, and actually I'm ok with that.

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