Saturday, September 30

Au Revoir not Goodbye

"Right, we'll get rid of that then for a start....."
"what now?" I said
"Oh it will only take 10 minutes, I'll just get one of the nurses....."
So I said goodbye to my suprapubic catheter, its was a pleasant relationship, but hey I knew it wouldn't last!! Like I said before my urologist is someone I wouldn't dream of arguing with. Actually I wouldn't really know enough about what I was talking about to argue in the first place, so if she says out it comes, then out it jolly well comes. I haven't yet got used to the fact that I get almost instantaneous treatment here. If this was in Bristol, Id have had to go home and wait for another 3 months to get another appointment to have it taken out, here its a case of the sooner the better.
Its been gone a week now, and I suppose its like it was never there. I have the return of my ever present UTI, and although I don't feel unwell with it, even my husband has complained that our loo is becoming rather smelly!! URGH!!! Yes I do know. My sense of smell still works fine, so I had noticed. Not much I can do right now, no antibiotics for me at the moment, so I'm drinking cranberry by the bucket full and also taking cranberry supplements. Don't think its doing very much I must say.

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