Saturday, August 12

Miserable Cripple

Yep that's me, well certainly I was today. Id gone to Carlisle to pop into the bank. First of all I have to go to Carlisle because I cant get into the ones in Hexham or Penrith. Going on a Saturday isn't my favourite thing but needs must. So I couldn't find anywhere to park for ages and when I got to the bank, it was shut! Ho hum.... never mind, I decided to go over to Cranstons to get something yummy for tea. If you don't know Cranstons, they are a very fine quality butchers across Cumbria and Northumberland. Now, I don't actually recall going to the one in Carlisle but I've been to plenty of others and they are all very good for wheelchair access. I trundled up only to see there was a substantial step at the front. On the left hand side was a set of double doors and a very small step of about an inch. Not the easiest thing because it meant I had to flip up the step and push the double doors at the same time. Didn't work, I got stuck in the doors and had shout 'help, let me in!' Embarrassing. But they have a decent ramp inside. Its actually quite step with carpet, so I put some effort in and started pushing myself, when BANG!!! 'WHAT THE FUCK?' I shouted, or some sort of similar expeletive. In an effort to stop myself ending up on my back I managed to reach out and grab a chrome post at the side of the ramp. In front of me sitting on the floor was a girl about the age of 5. She had run down the ramp and straight into me. No parent anywhere in sight. Instead of jumping out the way she just sat and looked at me. I was still holding on for life as the ramp was that bit too steep to let go on. 'WILL YOU MOVE?' I said rudely and loudly.... she just sat there and stared at me. I was rescued by an old lady who told her to move. It was just really horrible for me. I felt trembly and upset. Embarrassed at myself, frightened because I thought I was going to fall, angry that the parent never appeared or even bothered to speak to me to apologise and cross because I shouldn't have sworn so loudly near this child. I even felt shocked and tearful for about 5 minutes or so, I suppose at my own general frustrtion at life. Its never the big things that upset but always something relatively insignificant.

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