Sunday, August 13

Pet Peeves

I fear I'm turning into one of tv's 'Grumpy Old Women'. Actually most of the time I'm pretty cheerful, pretty upbeat and my usual cup-is-half-full self. However I do find that I have a tendency to moan, grumble and curse to myself about things in life, but I try to keep this to myself as I dont want anyone to know Im a real misery! This could be as much to do with age as situation, but who knows? Anyway here are some pet irritations of mine, and also other people in my position. Its not a definitive list, but I hope it will bring a smile and or make you think. Please suggest some others if you feel like it!

  1. ramps that are too steep to be safe.
  2. my husband leaving stuff on the floor of our hallway.
  3. not being able to go to a friends house because most of them have steps.
  4. old know why.
  5. gravel.......who thinks its a good idea?
  6. anything to do with parking.
  7. bowels.
  8. having to plan trips rather than being spontaneous.
  9. trashing the cuffs on my nice clothes.
  10. dropping catheters and related stuff on the office floor and having to get someone to pick it up for you.
  11. going down hill in the rain.
  12. when people say 'oh you have done this before' when you do a chair to car transfer or ask me if I have passed my wheelchair test.
  13. I also HATE people telling me how lucky I am that I don't have to walk anywhere anymore... do they realise what they're saying?!!
  14. People INSISTING on helping me into the car and then spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how my chair comes apart.
  15. Finally this one happened today.... realising that the lock on the disabled loo doesn't work properly just as you are doing catheter related stuff!


  1. as for number one I totally understand, it also really sucks when you get a taxi ramp that is too steep to get up there by yourself

    As for number 13 I have had an SCI for 2 1/2 years nowand I have NEVER heard that one, and God help anyone who did say it!

  2. Juls06:31

    I agree with the ramp situation! I went to an art gallery last week with my big sis who had to push me up a ramp that was covered in slate and so steep we barely made it up...i almost fell out comming down!! Oh..i think i must own shares in the sards wonder white co. now from constantly having to soak & scrub my cuffs!