Thursday, August 10

Listed Buildings

...Drive me mad! Which is funny as its my job. If I had a pound for every time someone says to me 'oh we cant do anything about the access you know, its a listed building', like Im stupid; Id be a very rich woman. I didnt know and I only work in planning hmmm?!!
Of course it must be one of the biggest fallacies ever that listed means you cant do anything to a building. Like Blenheim Palace isnt listed huh? I did some research on the stats of all this and what it means to be listed. 90% of all planning applications are approved for listed buildings with only minor or no alterations. Its easy to have work carried out on something that is not an integral part of the building, like a step for instance. It is of very little historic interest whether a building has a step or not most of the time. I live in a listed building myself and I couldnt knock out our fireplece but stick a ramp in, no problem.
I havent worked out if its said in ignorance or is just general cop out, but I suspect by larger institutions its definatly the latter! Particularly banks,.... dont get me started on that one!

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