Saturday, December 16

Home for Christmas

For Christmas we are spending time with my mum, in the Midlands Metropolis of Bedworth. It will be nice I have to admit, but there are too many chances that I'm going to meet someone I know, or rather used to know for my liking. If we go out somewhere I tend to suggest that we go slightly further afield than normal so as to avoid having to chat and make small talk. The main problem is that my mother is universally known in her district, so no matter where we go you can place a safe bet that she will bump into people she knows and then introduce me. I just sit there squirming and trying to look nonchalant while she chats, and eventually roll off round a corner and out of sight. I'm painfully aware that people tend to be a bit surprised to see me to put it mildly, and that's just the ones Ive never met before. If its someone Ive known before I find it even worse. It may be that I need to don some sort of disguise, I don't know, big hat, false beard, etc? No perhaps not. I could just sit in the house and hide, but at the end of the day I just have to take a deep breath, smile and be brave!!

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