Friday, December 15

Rude or What?

I was in Asda with my husband this week just grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime. No fear not Readers, we weren't actually shopping there.... but being in the vicinity it was cheap and cheerful, which is what I like!! Now the cafe in Asda isn't the most wheelchair friendly, but its OK I suppose. The seating is arranged in 2 separate aisles with tables and chairs on either side. Because the tables are quite close I cant actually remove the chair and sit there, so I have to sit in the aisle way. Its not too bad, I mean there is enough space to walk around me easily enough, and it wont cause any problems with me being there for half an hour or so.
Anyway I was tucking into my sandwich and tea, when this elderly man appeared, quite well dressed, pushing one of the large trolleys which was empty. He came down the aisle, looked at me and proceeded to bash into my wheels. Now I don't mean he clipped them, no he just rammed into the side, in his attempt to force his way past me. Wouldn't want to be in a car with him huh? Anyway I looked at him and said loudly. I'm sorry I cant move, as it was I was squashed as far as possible against the table. Not once did he look at me, speak to me, or even acknowledge me, he didn't apologise or even ask me if I could move. He eventually backed up and grumbled about having to leave his empty trolley at the top of the aisle.
See how polite I am, really I should have said, "what the f*** are you doing?!!"as he chit me with some force. Unbelievable isnt it? If I hadn't been so surprised Id have said something. And they say the younger generation is rude!!?

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