Sunday, December 17

Electric chairs

One thing that that drives me utterly MAD is well meaning relatives asking me 'Why don't you get an electric chair, it would be much easier?' This usually happens once they have come back from a 3 week Mediterranean cruise and spotted some elderly person zipping around the ship. Invariably I'm also grunting and grumbling at the time as I'm pushing myself up some sort of slope, which rather adds insult to injury. Trouble is I don't really have a nice sharp answer. The simple reason is I suppose is that I just don't need it. I'm otherwise fit and healthy, go to the gym, have a good lung capacity and strong shoulders. Another reason is that they are bloody expensive too. And heavy. How would I get it out the car for instance? I mean you'd have to have one of those hoists. It does open up a whole can of worms actually, although people don't realise it.
I am however in the market for a new wheelchair. From a practical point of view I'm looking for something that will fold, as once Hersh minimus arrives, we will have me, hubby, Hersh minor, Hersh minimus, 2 dogs and a rigid frame wheelchair in the car. But folding wheelchairs usually look like the ones you see old ladies being pushed around in Tesco, great big heavy things, no use to anyone. Infact I would go as far as to say they are 'Trolskys'. ( ask me about that one!!) No, what I want is a Quickie Revolution, a Kuschall Champion or a Tilite. Anyone got one out there they want to give me??!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Tinbasher15:10

    They are all so keen on Electric Chairs because they secretly think life would be better if we all had 30.000volts through our poor crippled and inconvenient bodies.