Tuesday, September 18

I need a holiday too!!!! 2

La Roche Derrien is a small town in the Cote d'Armor of Brittany, near to the towns of Lannion and Perros Guirec. We found our destination fairly easily and it was at this point I was starting to feel a bit nervous. I mean just how many times have I been assured that its all accessible only to find that really its just bloody awful?
So we pulled up to be greeted by our hostess for the week Jacqui Alban, who then showed us to our holiday apartment. My first impression was one of OMG.......... this is amazing, because you know what?, it was bloody brilliant. No steps, not one. How often do you find steps in 'accessible' places? Big doors, wider corridors, less furniture so you can get round properly and most wonderful of all an amazing bathroom!!! The bathroom was enormous, and I mean BIG. It was in fact a wet room with a great shower AND a shower chair!! God I felt spoilt. I know a lot of people are very unhappy at perching on little shower seats attached to the wall. No they provided a proper chair. And a proper toilet, and a proper sink....... with a plug!!

Oh you can tell how impressed I was and still am, really and truly it lives up to their claims, and it would be churlish of me to criticise because I think they have just about thought of the lot.
Outside is a garden which is down a slope. I didn't actually go down because you would need some help, but I did get down to feed the pigs on my own which was pretty good going as I'm sort of out of shape anyway. There is a lovely view over the river that faces west, ideal for evening sunsets and there is nothing better than sitting out with a drink or 2 after a days sightseeing and watching the sun go down.

So the accommodation really was terrific, and I recommend it unreservedly to anyone who is looking for accessible family or otherwise accommodation. If you fancy going to France then this is the place to stay.

To take a further look, check out their website which shows everything you will ever need to know.
Go on if you book now, you might bump into us next year as we are going again in June!

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  1. That's great to hear that a place that claimed to be wheelchair accessible actually was! I'm sure that made your time there a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. That reminds me of an article I read from the New York Times about how un-accessible "wheelchair accessible" restaurants can really be - - here's the link if you want to check it out!