Monday, September 17

On to Caen

Right.... Right.... Stay on the RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't forget the roundabouts go the wrong way round!!!!!!!! I cant say I took to driving on the other side of the road very well. At one point I did almost collide with another vehicle but it was a minor road with no marking so that's my excuse. Otherwise our ride to Caen was pretty dull, staying on the motorways as I wasn't really very confident on other roads. The highlight being the drive over the Pont Normandie, wow, that's a scary bridge!!

Well it didn't take long for me to realise that the French are not very user friendly when it comes to disability, in fact I'm not sure disabled people really figure in their society at all. We discovered early on the motorway services are not great places from my point of view. For a start they usually have one disabled parking bay, and secondly there is a good chance of being run over. They have high kerbs, and dropped kerbs are some sort of aberration when they appear. So I provided a lot to stare out once I got out the car. I get the distinct impression that to be disabled in France means that you stay in your own home or live in some sort of institution, for I was certainly a curiosity. Nevertheless we arrived in Caen around 5pm to find that our hotel room was not technically wheelchair accessible. What I mean is I could get into the room but the room was so small I couldnt go anywhere and a quirk of building design means that for some reason they make all the bathroom doors narrower. Consequently I had a night on the bed without getting into the bathroom. Good job I can use good old plan B for that kind of thing these days! But we ate well and a nice Frenchman commented on what a good boy my son was, probably just felt sorry for me, but it left a little warm glow as people are very quick to criticise small children.

So that was Caen, gone in a few hours, but hopefully I will be able to stay a few days more next year.

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  1. Hi Lorraine!

    Well I just recently came across your blog and started reading it, and I think it's great! I love how you put all your opinions and experiences out there and share what's on your mind. I love the title too - Well I just wanted to say hi and that I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future! KBO!