Tuesday, September 18

Sniff, Cough, Ouch....

Not only have I brought back a few bottles of wine from my time away Ive bought back a bit of a cough and a cold. Anyone who's read this blog over the last year will know that I find coughs only 2nd to bad stomachs in their awfulness. Its not the cold as such, its the fact that I always get a cough as well. So it goes like this "sniff, sniff, cough, Ouch, cough, Ahhh,.... bol****s!" Coughs have 3 effects on me if I'm really unlucky.

1. It really hurts the base of my spine and jars right through me, making me feel like Ive been stabbed every time I cough.

2/3. If its really bad then I get doubly incontinent.

So far its mild. Ive got number 1 and a bit of number 2, and I can really, really do without number 3. So lets just hope it runs its course and wanders off to make someone else feel crap.

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