Thursday, January 10

Practical Intervention

I'm the type of person who never asks for help because I'm at best proud and at worst downright bloody minded. I tend to think that we should take responsibilities for ourselves no matter what and I hate having to see anyone about my condition. So it was at first with great reluctance that I decided to contact my OT and see if they can be of assistance. I really want and to be totally honest NEED to improve the access to my house. Since about this time last year Ive been a lot more incapacitated I suppose, yes pregnancy really did it for me, and I show no signs of regaining my previous sprightliness. I am a prisoner in my own home. I can no longer get out of the house without my husbands help and as for taking the baby out on my own, its an impossibility. Unfortunately for me hes a big boy, so my shoulders and in particular my collar bones are just exceptionally painful.
I'm hoping I will be recommended for a disabled grant to improve access and maybe do some work on the kitchen and bathroom as I'm finding even pouring the kettle pretty hard work. Obviously if you saw me, you'd say Of course you'll get a grant but I'm in this game for the long haul and I take nothing for granted ever these days. But here's hoping, what really would improve my life is not medical intervention but practical intervention.

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  1. Anonymous06:28

    Why not move to a more accessible house?