Saturday, May 6

The Park

Im feeling pretty pleased with myself tonight and rightly so, infact lets all slap me on the back and shout 'Well Done!!' You see today I managed to go to the park with my son for the first time since September I think, more or less. Ok I admit we were not on our own but my husband helped a bit. He went with our son first while I scooted off to do a few errands around Hexham for half an hour. Then I called them and he said 'why dont you come up and see us?' I wasnt too sure as to be honest, the park is quite hilly and hard work in places so I wasnt actually sure I could get there. But I took the back route around the rear of the Abbey. This is actually a lot flatter but it has a definate disadvantage of being paved with old flagstones, but means it's a very uneven and unpredictable surface to travel over, so I took it rather carefully. I got there with no problems and apart from the heavy gate I didnt have a problem getting into the play area. The trouble with a lot of parks is that they have a sort of grid at the entrance to stop bikes getting in. This is also effective for buggies and impossible for wheelchairs. We had a lovely hour, ate a lolly each and watched him climb UP the slide and run down the ramp. Its what summer weekends are for. Anyway Im full of confidence that hopefully if I pick a quiet morning I will be able to take him on my own. Im willing to give it a try anyway!

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  1. Angela08:26

    Here's a very big slap on the back and a well done!! Glad that you all had a brilliant time. Look forward to hearing to hearing of more exploits in the park!!