Wednesday, January 16

On the Nail

Having rather numb fingers at the moment means I'm not always as aware of what I'm doing as I should be. So in an effort to keep my fingers intact I quite often use spoke guards so I don't trap my fingers in my spokes. Despite the fact that people think I use them as a fashion statement, its just practical necessity actually, they don't always work. I have a habit of catching my fingers on the bits that attach the push rims to the wheels. Its pretty stupid really but I'm just not aware I'm doing it, not that is until I rip half my finger nail off, then suddenly I know about it. So this week for some reason,-blame the cold weather I do-Ive managed to do this to 2 fingers on consecutive days.
Then this evening I managed to slice my index finger open just on the joint, attacked by a tin of dog food!!
Both have very high OUCH factors I can tell you, the only consolation is that I have only another 7 to go!

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