Friday, January 23

You've got to laugh havent you?

Given the circumstances, I find I end up laughing at absurd situations far more than I end up crying. Today I was in Hexham, and being Friday it was snooker and tea day. Id arrived in the car park at the same time as a friend as for once, I was on time. Now he is a tetra/quadriplegic since June 1966, and relates this with bitter relish and some humour as he recalls England winning the World Cup and he being a Glaswegian! Unfortunately as we rolled along he dropped his car keys and bag, so we both stopped and went to pick them up. I can tell you this isn't an easy task, for about a minute we rolled around the keys as if we were dancing around our handbags, during which time I was slowly, slowly, slowly, getting lower and lower to try and retrieve the keys. This has been quite a painful manoeuvre for me since my pregnancies and its just as difficult for him, for other reasons. After my initial failure I just thought 'this is so absurd', and burst into fits of giggles, he started laughing as well and for a couple of minutes we both sat laughing in the car park at this mad situation. OK maybe you had to be there to appreciate it, but I can say that my soul is healed by such laughter, the shared joke of a shared situation with a friend who understands why its so very funny.

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