Monday, January 26

Do you Twitter?

Or for that matter Facebook or MySpace? Well it wasn't so long ago that I'd have laughed at anyone who might have suggested that Id be found lurking around these sites, but I put my hand up and say yes I am a Facebook addict. Although I can also be found on MySpace and Twitter, Facebook is my favourite, I never really got into Bebo. Social networking, I love it! Anyway am I so shallow as to have 600 'friends' Ive never heard of? Well actually no, I'm pretty proud of my friend count but they are all really friends, family or people I know one way or another. As we have people scattered all over the world, yes I do find it a handy way to keep up with everyone without having to do individual letters, cards or emails, and actually I like the way I can give a little snapshot of my day. Am I superficial, er well I don't think so, but you know what I'm desperate to get 100 friends...! So go on, don't think too hard, make me your friend, you know you want to!

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