Thursday, January 22

A little bit of Surgery goes a long way

So in the last 3 weeks Ive had 3 hospital appointments plus one for the baby. Every time I go, I sit and think how I really could be somewhere else, doing something much more productive with the time, but I also know that I do, in a grudging sort of way, realise I need to be there whether I like it or not. So Ive been having some urodynamics done, which if you want to look back on some of my earlier postings will see what its all about. Needless to say, without giving too much away nothing works as it should anymore which remains the bane of my life. So I have a new urologist who is a man.... now I don't mind male medics in the slightest, and have absolutely no shame whatsoever, but I had a good working relationship with the previous lady so I'm having to now re establish things with this one. But he seems pretty nice so there are no complaints. Anyway as I've waffled on and on without saying anything much, I have to admit to having to have bladder surgery, which is tentatively booked for May. While its not a major major op, its going to be enough to lay me up for a week as these sort of things are always unpleasant I guess. As you can imagine I'm not overly thrilled at the thought, but ho hum, I'm taking it well, I suppose. Mind you ask me in May and I wont be so calm will I?

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