Wednesday, August 5


Suddenly in a course of a couple of weeks gone from being pregnant but not as you'd notice very much to being hugely fat and rather incapacitated. I suppose I should be glad Ive managed to keep reasonably presentable for this long. But what I hate the most apart from the swelling elephant legs, flipper feet, is that my face is looking puffy and unsightly. I have the look of someone who eats a family size pizza, 2 litres of Ben and Jerry's, every night and then finishes this off with a large box of Roses just to be sure. The funny thing is though I actually go off food every pregnancy and end up losing weight by the end. I know that this fatness is water which doesn't actually make it any better at the moment, but a week after the baby arrives I should be back wearing my usual clothes. As it is I'm running out of things to wear at the moment, which doesn't do a lot for the self esteem, but only a couple of months to go now so I just need to keep my head down and keep an eye on the calender.

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