Tuesday, August 4

Rude and Unpleasant

Well our new kitchen is pretty much done. All we have to do when we get round to it is have some new flooring put down and do a bit of decorating and do some decorating. Not my main priorities right now though.
However I want to moan about the whole process. We had it done through a disabled improvement grant as the kitchen wasn't great and didn't look as if it had been touched in 30 years. My main issue was either everything was too high, or too low. In particular standard cookers are awful for reaching anything at the back, so my OT suggested that we apply for a grant. After about 6 months of tooing and froing, various designs it seemed it was all coming into place. That is until the man from the council stepped in. Now from the start I knew he was going to be trouble. As I did the very same job he was doing in the past I knew what to expect, good advice, empathy with the customer, getting a job well done, the best designs and courteous assistance. How wrong was I? This bloke was totally rude and unhelpful. He quibbled over every single penny and adaptation, like I didn't need it and was trying to get as much done as possible. Actually I was pretty much guided by my OT as to design and suggestions. This guy never bothered to communicate with us, only through 3rd parties. We only knew when the work was going to start/stop/start as the builders told us, because he didn't. Funding was given at the last possible minute with him quibbling over every penny to the last second. bits we removed from the original spec without any consultation with us or my OT. In short he couldn't be arsed with the whole thing, and frankly I think he either begrudged the whole process, telling me in the past a kitchen of 6 inches sq was considered adequate ( or some other small dimensions) or he viewed us as spongers on society who certainly didn't need or deserve a better kitchen. Make do and shut up. In short he had the worst attitude of a local government officer I have ever come across and that was with Northumberland County Council. The week after our kitchen was finished he retired. So I have no recourse to complain otherwise I would have wiped the floor with him. I only hope the person doing the job now is more approachable and friendly than he was. At the end of the day whatever you think of people you have a duty to give decent service. Most disabled people are not benefit scroungers living off the state, most people just want a decent quality of living and some hope in the morning when they get up. With any luck this guy will never become disabled himself or have a disabled partner, because if he does he will realise that the world is a very different place than the one he lives in now.

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