Tuesday, August 4

On Holiday

We had a good holiday, visited some excellent places, Slimbridge, Westonbirt Arboretum, the American Museum, saw family and friends and generally chilled out. My one gripe is accommodation, while we had a great place to stay I always end up having to compromise a bit as its virtually impossible to find somewhere that's affordable, accessible and suitable for a family. The assumption for holiday places is that if you need something a bit more adapted then you are elderly and ravelling with maybe one or 2 companions. the chances of being young and have children are virtually impossible. Well that's the perception anyway. So we had a great bungalow with an 8 inch step that I either had to hurl myself over (carefully) or have my husband play the strongman. Once in it was pretty good. Personally although adaptations do cost money it doesn't have to be a fortune and if I wanted to get maximum money out of a holiday let Id want as many people to come as possible. It only takes a few really happy people to tell their friends that they've found somewhere really accessible and hey presto you are full of bookings. So anyway remember disabled people don't have families at all, they are all single, elderly and can stay in a hotel room..........

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