Wednesday, April 5

The blue badge scheme

In the future we will look back on the blue badge scheme and think Ah 'it was the best of schemes, it was the worst of schemes...'. I love it and hate it in equal measure. Personally I think there should be several levels of badge, because I really really wonder who this scheme is for? One of my favoured pastimes is sitting in the car park of our local Tescos. I do this while I have sent my husband off for a couple of items and its quicker for him to do it than me. Anyway I like to sit and have a good look at the disabled bays in particular. Now Im ageist and I admit it, but Im always amazed at the number of over 60s who hog all the bays to start with and then jump out of their cars and trot into the shop with great gusto. 20 minutes later they emerge with armfuls of shopping, fling it into the car before heading off. Such speed, such dexterity... I should be so lucky. In that time Im still getting out the damn car!! Anyway if they can do all this do they really need a badge and is being over 60 and having a bit of osteoarthritis an automatic yes for a badge these days? Parking Services reveal all please!
The other thing I have about disabled bays is not all of them have the extra space at the back and side of the vehicle. I have a big whinge about this. Its not how near you have the bay to the entrance of the store, its how much space you have thats important. I CANNOT get out of a car that doesnt have extra space. I have to fling the car door wide open, throw my chair out, stick the wheels on, and plonk myslf in it. What a palava!! Takes a few minutes at my guestimate, can take a few more if Im tired. So my solution is to have the disabled bays at the far end of the car park where wheelchair users can get to them freely. Who cares if you have to roll over to the entrance a bit further, and that way the overs 60 wont park in them for hours. Grrrrrrrr!

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  1. Anonymous13:47

    Hello there. I understand what you're saying about the space needed to get in and out of a vehicle but I don't think all of the spaces should be at the back of the lot. I have moved out of a chair and onto crutches 8 years ago which is great but its tiring to walk far distances before you even get into the store. I love when there are spaces up close, but to be honest there are never enough. Next comes the push botton to open the doors. These are great if buildings even HAVE them, as long as the employees remember to turn them on at the beginning of the day.