Wednesday, April 5

Floppy Feet

Ok as promsed here is a little posting on the state of my feet. Heres a picture of them. You dont have to look away, dont worry, I know some feet can be pretty gross, but these are ok. You will see that they are not very straight. Infact I did previously describe them as having the muscle tone of 3 day old trout and this sort of sums them up pretty well. I would certainly expect to find them on a fish counter somewhere!! As far as feet go they are not much use these days. They turn in a lot and I really cant straighten them out, hence the fact I use braces. As for footwear, I suppose Im going to save quite a bit over the years as I cant see that Im going to be wearing many pairs of shoes out. Thing is Im sort of limited to what I can wear. Boots are about the best and I can sometimes get away without the braces if I wear boots and am not planning to do any standing up. They hold my ankles together pretty well. The other problem I have is that if Im not careful I tend to get my toes squashed under my foot ( left in particular) and dont realise it. Then after a day of poor blood supply, my toes end up at best sore and blue.

To lose ones ability to walk, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose ones toes as well looks like carelessness! Thanks to Oscar Wilde

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  1. Angela06:42

    I'm disappointed, I thought you were the type of girl to wear nail varnish!!