Friday, July 20


Do I ever reply to comments? I was asked. The answer is a resounding NO. And now I'm feeling horribly guilty, in fact I ought to go off and slap myself hard as a punishment. Thing is, whenever YOU leave a comment I always think Oooo how nice..... and then I start to think of a nice reply. Time flies by and having the memory of a goldfish doesn't help either, and therefore I never quite get round to it. So accept my humblest apologies. Tell you what... I will try really hard to leave a reply and if you would specifically like one, tell me, don't ask me, just say Oy you reply to this..... and I will. Meanwhile I will try to reply to things you all leave for me. Is is a deal?


  1. Deal.

    And I enjoy your posts.

  2. Given your post :-) you may choose not to do the meme I've tagged you with...but I wanted to visit some blogs I haven't been over to in a while. Here's my link, but it's entirely up to you of course

  3. I'm not sure it's necessary to reply to every comment. I do know that while I read you very faithfully, I had pretty much stopped commenting because a couple of comments never appeared on your blog (I don't know if they disappeared in the ether or you chose not approve them), and those that did got no response. I got the feeling that you were blogging more as a personal expression than a way of building community (which is perfectly fine).

  4. I do blog as peronal expression, but Im also pleased when people do bother to leave a comment. It makes it all more worthwhile.

    I will be doing the tag thing, thanks for that Seahorse!