Thursday, January 24


My dog died today. Her name was Bashful, she was 13 and she was my best friend. I'm totally bereft and broken hearted. She had been unwell for about a week, nothing you could put your finger on though, nothing that made me realise it was serious until last night. Dogs are like that unfortunately, they soldier on and you never know until its too late. I took her straight to the Vet this morning but it looks like she had cancer in her liver and spleen, so there was nothing they could do. She was obviously suffering and in pain, and so I made the decision for her. I have always told myself I will never keep my dogs alive just for me, but having to make the right choice for them must be one of the worst decisions you ever have to make in life.

I loved her so much, she was a friend and companion, she has been with me through so many hardships over the last few years, she was a special dog, and I say that as someone who has had dogs all my life. There was something about her, everyone thought she was beautiful. She still is. I have cried so much my eyes are swollen and blurry, and my head throbs like its going to explode. I kissed her and told her I loved her, and I always will. And she loved me too.


  1. I am so sorry. There is nothing more I can say.

  2. Been reading you for a while, just lurking but reading about your dog finally impelled me to post. I'm so sorry. I know how horrible it is to make that decision about a beloved pet. Knowing that she had a long good life and isn't suffering any more is obviously of limited comfort because one misses them so much.

    I hope you're feeling physically better anyway - sounds like the last week has been really rough.

  3. Very sorry to hear about your dog. All of us dog-lovers face the same problem.

    I found your blog searching for the meaning of "crossfall" for a technical article. Thanks for the definition.

    I've just been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy of my motor nerves, not just in my suddenly weak right leg, but in all my extremities. So I may be wheeling - who knows when - and I'll adopt your motto!