Tuesday, August 15

In bed

Every so often I get the nice people from OT in Hexham call me and say 'oh we have something new for you'...and they later pop round with the said item of equipment. One of the latest items seen here on the left is a bed ladder. Please note its not my bed but the ladder is identical to the one I have. Now I'm not the most graceful or elegant at getting up in the morning and I have bemoaned this fact for sometime. So they bought me this. The idea is that you stick it over your quilt and then use it to pull yourself up. I think its something that looks very good as an idea, but hasn't really been cracked practically. So what are you supposed to do? Apparently you have to secure it to the bed clothes using safety pins. Is this a good idea I thought? I certainly didn't think so, but for a week really gave it my best shot. But my suspicions were right in the first place. The pins either come off in the night so I've ended up sleeping on top of them quite often, or they rip the quilt cover. Either way it doesn't work. So I'm back to flailing around in the morning, grunting like a tennis player and relying on my husband to give me a push. Sounds attractive hmmm?!


  1. Russ12:22

    Tried one of these in hostital - bleedin useless. I tend to just grab a handfull of fitted sheet, they don't usually pull off :-)

  2. bubbleandsqueak07:55

    maybe you could tie the ends to the bed fram? or foot bord what ever you my have. other then that it seems like it would help if you have trobles in bed.