Thursday, January 25

Center parcs 1

We are, as you may have worked out, the Royal Family of procrastination here. Why make any decision when putting it off is even better?.. is our motto. So, you might have noticed a bit of indecision with regards to an impending holiday, Ah, should it be France, or then what about Ireland? Oh, so many decisions and definitely not enough time to implement any of them if we are not careful. So this week I made a decision based on the fact that I'm progressing along with my pregnancy at a rate of knots now and certainly by the end of February, I probably won't want to be driving for hours on end. What about Center parcs I suggested? Husband thought this was a good idea and at this time of year it sounds warm and attractive with a lot of sitting around and eating. I could do with being in the tropical paradise and having a splash around in their pool. So we have booked for Mon-Fri, last week of Feb, a 2 bedroom disabled apartment. Sounds very good and I admit to being just a little impressed when they asked me if I needed any clinical waste bags? Well useful, but no one has ever thought to ask this, so I'm hopeful that they know what they are doing!

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