Thursday, January 25

Shoe, Schuh!

I was in Carlisle this week for the first time since Christmas, and every time I'm there I always go to the shop Shuh, which sells..... shoes. You see I have a rather perverse interest in shoes, I always have ever since I had my first pair of red wellies at the age of 3. I love buying them, especially Converse type shoes, you know those baseball type trainers. Anyway I tend to go for the ankle boot version as they hold my ankles and stop my feet from being so floppy, and as luck would have it, my favourite shop was having a sale. Its a bit of an irony here as I have a vast selection of shoes to choose from, and its not like I'm going to get through them in a hurry, but I cant resist, really I cant. So I perused the selection on offer, and I just knew I wouldn't leave without purchasing at least one pair. Well it turned out to be 2, because one pair of red shoes with cherries and strawberries on them, just kept whispering. "take me home, take me home, you know you want me....!" and then a cream and off pink pair started to shout, "No, me me me!!!." So you can see I was helpless in the face of such pressure, and just had to liberate them quickly. Who knows I may just have to drop by next week to see if there is anything else that needs its freedom!

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