Thursday, January 11

Weighty matters

I went to see my GP this week, mostly about my horrendous cough and also my miserable incontinence, like I don't have enough to think about huh?Anyway after giving me the once over and generally saying you will have to live with it, which is pretty much what I thought she said 'You've lost weight. Is this a good losing weight or a bad losing weight?" I know this to be true because I noticed on some passport photos I did last week that my face looks a lot thinner than it did on this time last years blue badge photo. I suppose weight loss is seen as a good thing, but its not usual when you are pregnant. I was at a clinic last week and the woman next to me was due in May, around the same time as me. I kid you not she must have been twice my weight, and every other woman there was enormous too. I think the main reason for losing weight is mostly due to pain. As Hersh mimimus gets bigger, I get more pain, and to be honest when you have a lot of pain, leg spasms, in/overcontinence and generally feel a bit knackered because everything you do takes a bit more effort than Mrs Average, its hardly surprising that by the time dinner comes round you've lost the will to go on, let alone cook a meal. Really, what I obviously need is Social Services to come and cook for me before I fade away, but Ive got Bob Hope of that happening!

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