Monday, August 13

Hells Shopping

The worst shopping experience in the world has to be Tesco in Carlisle. Its absolutely dreadful, and life would be so much better for all the poor souls who frequent it on a regular basis if it looked like this permanently. Honestly if I die and go to hell, I will be spending all eternity rolling around this store. Its is endless in its awfulness, if I never have to go again it will be too soon. How so? you ask, surely it cant be that bad? Well Ill start with the parking. Its one of the worst stores ever for enforcing disabled parking, it just doesn't. Ive sat and watched car after car pull into disabled parking spots, the driver runs into the store and saunters out 20 minutes later. No badge, nothing, they just don't give a damn, and neither do Tesco. As for the store itself, its rare Id ever say this, but its actually too small for the city. Its always jammed packed with shoppers day and night. You cant move for trolleys, and I really mean you cant turn a corner without coming up against half a dozen metal monstrosities. Ive been rammed, run into, fallen over, hit countless times by kids out of control, kicked, had my fingers scraped. It takes forever to get just a couple of items as the store is an endless assault course that has to be negotiated at a snails pace. I was in there earlier this week and it took me an hour, yes an hour of my life to get 6 items. I always vow never to go back, unfortunately its the only store our side of the city. I just cant wait for Sainsburys to ride to the rescue, the sooner we get a better class of supermarket the better.

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