Thursday, February 8

Rooted to the spot.

However going on from that I seem to be losing my 'walking' ability. I use the term loosely, as walking for me tends to mean a stagger to the left and a lurch to the right, its not that much, I can usually string a few lurches together but nothing momentous. What I do is stand up and make sure I'm in one place OK and then I sort of have to think about taking a step for a few seconds. Sounds a bit weird but its a conscious thing in that's what I'm going to do and hve to strt sending the signal on its wayfrom brain to legs asap! So I decided I need to take a couple of steps to reach something and went to go that way, but found that I was pretty much stuck to the floor with super glue! Feet were not responding to the order which left me toppling forward as my top half thought it was going somewhere. So I grabbed to first thing that came to hand which was the cooker. This wasnt a great idea as it started to come with me in slow motion, "Oh no I'm going to be squashed by an electric cooker" I thought, let go and plopped back into my chair. Whew!!! A bit of a close call there!
Fingers crossed this is a pregnancy quirk, just as a lot of recent things have been, I'm hoping none of it is permanent after the birth of Hersh minimus, but Im expecting the worst because you just never know do you?

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