Thursday, February 8

You have Carte Blanche..... say anything you like to me as I'm disabled!! Ive mentioned this before, and by now I should have a few sharp comebacks but you know I still don't have anything funny to say. We had some friends of my husbands come over last weekend and I'm saying right now, they seem very nice. But its funny how people make immediate judgements about you as soon as they meet you, and its probably more true when you are sitting in a chair when you first meet someone.
Oh you have stairs? is the first thing. This translates as, why are you siting there when you have stairs to climb? Well you know its funny, if you live in a house you do tend to find stairs. The thing with spinal injury is that's its so different from person to person you just cant make a generalisation. I don't find going up our stairs too bad most of the time, but I wont get across a fairly small room without toppling over to one side usually! We have 2 short flights of very shallow stairs, so by holding on carefully I can do an upward leg action of a couple of inches and go up nice and slowly, after all there is no rush, and I'm practiced at them. I have to say the majority of stairs are pretty impossible, but these are something like the baby equivalent of 'My first stairs' and would rate easy for a 1 year old!
Coming down isn't so good, I have nearly slipped and fell a few times so now I tend to do the bum method, we do after all develop certain ways of doing things that to an outsider seems odd.
So is your bedroom downstairs? Isn't this a bit personal? No my bedroom is upstairs because I choose to have it there at the moment. I will do these few stairs while I can and when I cant we will review it. My husband did offer to put our room downstairs but I'm striving for some normality where possible so not yet, call me stubborn, but I like to know I can do it no matter how long it takes!

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