Tuesday, November 13

Time for a bath

So its time for a more interesting piece, entitled Bathing for the Physically Challenged!... or something like that. I love having a bath, I really do. Sitting in nice hot water for quite a while has a wonderful effect on my well being, the most decadent thing being eating a sandwich, a mug of tea and listening to the football. Ahhhhhh, its real me time I suppose, and not withstanding the palaver of getting in and out, is a time of quiet, well usually.
I was sitting in the bath the other day and thought about the water and then sort of realised I couldn't really feel the water which is a sort of odd experience. What I find is that my brain likes to fill in the gaps, it knows what should be felt and experienced so does its best to oblige even though its not real. Another strange and unpleasant thing I have with water, is temperature sensitivity. It doesn't always happen but sometimes I get in the bath and the water seems to be scalding hot on my legs and feet. It really has me shouting out loud, only of course it isn't hot at all, I assume this is some sort of neurological hypersensitivity. The only way to get round this is to have a very tepid bath and bring the temperature of the water up gradually, making sure I don't burn my feet on the taps which I have done before.
But a bath remains for me a real luxury and decadence at times. So whats for dinner tonight?

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