Monday, January 1

Watch Out!!!!

It was a couple of days before Christmas, and I stupid, stupid, stupidly decided to go into Morrison's for those 'last minute' things that we all think we need. Anyway Morrison's in Penrith is a victim of its own success, as not only was the store jammed packe, but finding a space in the car park was akin to winning the lottery. By some wondrous miracle I pounced on a disabled spot, but for the majority of people waiting for a space this wasn't possible. So the car park was full of cars waiting for spaces, yes, a health and safety accident waiting to happen.

This car park is the type where cars park nose to nose, with no pedestrian walkways so you have to go behind the parked cars. Since using a wheelchair Ive always been rather cautious as I can see its bloody easy to reverse out and hit someone or something. Anyway I rattled carefully towards the entrance negotiating various hazards when suddenly my right shoulder really hurt. 'OUCH!' I shouted and then 'BLOODY HELL!! ***** !' as it dawned to me that this Volvo driving woman had reversed into me. So I banged the back of the car and shouted loudly, just a little bit abusively mind. Actually I was surprisingly restrained really. Nothing though, she just drove off. 10 minutes later she and her husband walked into the store whereby I said loudly to them, 'You just drove into me'. Again nothing, you know how people blank you? Well that's what she did to me. I wasn't looking to sue her or anything like that but a Sorry would have been nice. Season of Good Will hmmmm?

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  1. Kita13:42

    Good G-D! I really hope you are OK after this incident, I have spent all night up reading your blog, (what else can one do when they wake at 2 am in agony?) so I feel like you are a friend (I hope that isn't too forward)- personally I would have slapped her very hard over the head with a brick, or something. Maybe even 'accidently' on purpose totally scratched her car... I think it is a sick world in which we live if someone does this and doesn't even offer an appology. It's true though, 'normals' dont 'see' us wheelies and even if they do, they dont, if you know what I mean.
    Anyway, I hope you are OK as I said, and keep well!
    Thank you for the blog, btw :)