Tuesday, December 26

Thunder Thighs!!

As a child I had to put up with pretty unpleasant teasing because I had the misfortune to have fat legs. This continued right through my teenage years and it pretty much put a stop to me wearing anything remotely short.
Now if you think about all these disabled men you see scooting around in wheelchairs, they nearly always have thin or even skinny legs don't they, so you'd think there might be some hope for me!? This could be my chance in life to wear some nice tight jeans and show of my wonderful shapely legs. Hmmmm... no such luck.... I'm pretty sure this is because women have a different fat distribution than men. See, I still have nice fat thighs and a big bum.... the muscle may be going but the fat remains. My calve muscles are slowly diminishing, but my thighs?... not much, a bit, but my dreams of shapely legs are still that, a vague dream. As for my bum, well once again the female form wins. I know the muscle on my backside is going as I can feel the bone if I sit on something vaguely hard , but please forget any notions of a nice shapely bum. Its still fat!!! Harrumph!!! Just no justice is there?... and this my one chance to wear all those clothes Ive always wanted to!!!!!!


  1. Trevor14:07

    i do sympathize with you and hope that perhaps by diet and exercise, you will manage to reduce your weight and thereby feel less stressed and frustrated.
    i am tummy heavy which is not only unsightly but causes frustration too in that i have to buy 3xl shirts to ensure it will button up around my tummy.
    of course at the time when i was overindulging in food i didn't give a thought to how i would feel once my BMI had increased.
    staying slim does make life less uncomfortable.
    i assume you like myself and other overweight people are not fond of warm weather?
    in warm weather you would be forgiven for thinking i had dived into a swimming pool head first!
    my shirt gets wringing wet from sweating so much!
    so i try to avoid going out if i can help it.
    people constantly tell me its good to sweat....that maybe so...but it doesn't feel good.
    anyway take care and do what you can to help yourself...your goal is achievable.
    all the best from Trevor

  2. Trevor14:13

    hi again Lorraine

    i just noticed you are confined to a wheelchair....and there was i thinking you were able bodied.
    forgive my error please.

    loosing weight no doubt will be harder due to your disability and easier to put on weight i would think?
    well at least you are not letting yourself go....that would be so easy if one lets it get to you.
    you look and seem cheerful which is of great help.
    continue doing what you can to help yourself.
    i wish you all the very best in your future.
    best wishes
    Trevor : )