Friday, January 11


We have a disabled dog. He went blind over night a couple of years ago poor chap, but he seems to manage fine and anyway he fits in with the household. The main problem for him is this chair that seems to move round the house, he never knows where it will appear next. he is forever running into the side of me with a squeak but seems to take in his stride. However recently he has taken to sitting underneath my chair which is very awkward for me to put it mildly. I cant move because I'm likely to run over his paw or tail, but trying to coax a blind confused beagle out to safety isn't easy! His other habit is standing in a doorway. The more I try to get him to move the more bewildered he becomes and the more he stands there. But he's a lovely dog, even though hes probably World Champion, Dog-in-the-Way!

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  1. I just came across your page and thought I'd give you a little idea that might help with your dog problem. I had a dog who insisted on sleeping right up against my wheelchair. He was really very smart though, because as soon as I pushed my joystick, it would make a click sound, and he'd jump up and get out of the way. He was so quick about it I didn't even have to wait for him. Since you aren't in a powered chair, maybe you could just get a little clicker or something. When you're ready to move, just click the clicker and start moving. He'll eventually recognize that the clicker means he beter get a move on... hehehe.

    Great blog, btw!!