Sunday, January 13

A trip to the Pictures

On the 2ND January I made a really rash decision..... I decided to take my son to the cinema for the first time. What came over me I shall never know, but it must have a moment of total loss of sanity!

We don't have a great choice. The cinema in Hexham is up stairs, the one in Carlisle on a main road, so I thought going to the Metro Centre was a.......good idea........! Firstly, it has over 10000 parking spaces and not one space was free, oh no there were cars going round and round, me included all looking for that elusive space. Eventually and all down to having a blue badge I got one, we were late and the film was about to start. So work it out for yourself, I guess there must be around 3 people to a car on average so that's 30000 people plus those who come by public transport, Id say the metro centre had about 50000 people in it. Like I said it was a bad bad idea. My son was totally overcome by the sheer numbers of people everywhere and from my point of view, around 3 and half feet off the ground, Im reminded what its like to be a child again as I'm pushed, prodded, jostled and fallen over as we try to get through Marks and Spencer.

The queue for the cinema was enormous, but the film experience was OK in itself apart from the fact that I had him sitting on my lap the whole time. So maybe I will wait another year as I'm not sure hes ready to be part of a film going audience just yet. Me? I just loved those chipmunks!

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