Wednesday, January 12

Into the Great Beyond

 So anyway moving onwards and ever upwards I have earmarked this year as a year of at least a couple of adventures. January being a very miserable month, a month of grim weather and no money seems as good a time to plan ahead and snap up some bargains. So this years summer holiday is already booked, we are going to Orkney for a week. To be honest I might find it to be very inaccessible but sometimes you just have leap into the unknown. Regardless, I'm sure it will be a fun adventure. 
Midsummer will on the other hand be spent in Helsinki, the exotic and rather mysterious Finnish capital city. I choose my destinations fairly at random, well basically I have my price and then just see where we can go for that. Having been to Paris many times and realising its not an easy destination, I thought, Helsinki, why not? Indeed why not, it will be interesting.

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