Tuesday, March 22

Accidents happen.......quite often

I just had an accident in the kitchen, sometimes its funny and  I laugh and sometimes its really not. Tonight in the space of 30 seconds I threw a jug on the floor followed by a pan of cold baked beans which went with such force there were beans on the ceiling. Note the word threw. I never just drop them, these things are flung. Actually I don't really know how I do it. I suspect that  because I have a lot of tendon trouble with my arm and a lack of feeling in my fingers, its quite an effort to pick things up, so I end up using a lot of force to fling stuff here and there. The trouble is that this is a haphazard technique that often doesn't work. So tonight I found myself with beans and milk in my hair and cursing myself. To make it even worse my husband told me off, as if I had done this deliberately and made me feel stupid. Tonight it doesn't seem funny one bit.


  1. Hi, I found your blog whilst browsing through Blogger. I also live in Northumberland and I have an autistic daughter. It isn't easy being disabled out in the countryside; we are often forgotten up here.

    I'm following your blog to keep in touch.
    Best, CJ xx

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