Wednesday, July 22

It has to be said, pregnancy fries your brain. At the w/e I was chatting with a friend about age when she casually asked me how old I am, Older than you I replied and then told her. Only half an hour later on the way home I actually realised Id told her I was 2 years older than I really am. Surly this is a sign of the cerebral deterioration that happens in pregnancy. Normally though I realise I'm being daft even though I cant help it, on this occasion I didn't even blink when I told her, and the realisation only occurred later. I suppose its down to sleep deprivation, and hormones, not a sign of elderly dottiness just yet!

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  1. Since I left forty behind I struggle to remember where I am on the forty to fifty continuum. I think I am forty five this year, and intend just to stay here for the sake of ease