Sunday, April 9

Being Ordinary

Ive always considered myself to be pretty ordinary. If I look back on my life so far there doesnt seem to be any great beacon of achievement. You know what I mean? I did ok at school but Im no shining academic, I played sports to county level but this hardly qualifies me into olympian status. Ive done fairly average jobs, I havent changed the world. I dont have a fortune nor am I grovellingly poor. I have a husband, son, part time job, house in the country, cars, some friends. I like music, read, play the piano a bit, watch tv more than I should, like to visit places and go on the occasional foreign trip. I dont do shopping, I love my dogs and family, like a chat with a friend, going out for tea somewhere nice, that sort of thing.
From that list there isnt much about me that makes me any different from anyone else, Im more or less pretty ordinary in a middle class english sort of way. When Im dead and gone Im not going to be remembered by anyone other than my family and hopefully a few friends. but thats ok, thats the way of the world and thats how it is with 99.99999999% of people. So what Im driving at is now I suddenly find myself not being ordinary anymore. Most people are not in my situation and thankfully most people never have my current experiences. Id be lying if I said Im not thinking 'why me?', although how you say it is all important. Im not 'running' around melodramatically shouting 'why oh why me?!', its more of a 'well whats this all about type, why me?' Since Im generally the type of person who sees the best in life... just call me Pollyanna!!!..... I hope that there really is a reason in the great scheme of things and that at least I can say now I have 'opportunities' that Id never have had otherwise.... Ha ha.

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