Friday, February 16

Bite the Bullet

Today I decided it was no good, I have to bite the bullet and order some push handles for my chair. I have to admit that the pregnancy is progressing well but Ive got to the point where I need a hand more often, most likely coming from my long suffering husband. So for him only I'll put some handles on my chair temporarily, for a while, while I have to. As you can guess this has taken quite a bit of persuading on his part and while I know logically he is quite right, I'm not sure in my own heart that I'm not giving in just little bit. Having said that, this is the woman who cant get her shoes on anymore so I'm starting to get a bit pathetic generally. The bump is in the way so I cant get my leg up, and my back hurts too much to lean any further forward, so its all a bit hopeless! As he said this morning, it wont be long before he's having to get 4 of us dressed!! Harrumph!!!! You can tell how taken I am with this suggestion!
So that was the first start to the day, then I had a crown fitted at the dentist and then for good measure I had my catheter removed this afternoon. Now I can pee myself at leisure. Yes I'm thrilled at this as well. I seem to have an attack of the grumpy old women's about me today, but I suppose its more a symptom of getting things done and also perhaps stuff being slightly out of my control.
Anyway going back to the issue of handles for my chair, why is everything so bloody expensive for wheelchairs? I mean I'm talking megabucks here for 2 bits of tubing? I know manufacturers would argue that this is specialist equipment and of course they are right to a point, BUT at the end of the day arent we the group of people who are most likely to be unemployed and at the poorer end of society in general? I mean, you don't find a rich crip very often do you? So do I feel just a tad ripped off, yes of course I do, and don't you just hate that feeling of paying through the nose when you just know its not worth it?

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