Thursday, May 11

I can stand up...

'No I cant, yes I can, no I cant, yes I can.... if I can just reach that thing overthere.....' Whoops, SPLAT... 'Oh No I cant, Im flat on the floor.'
I hate doing this, and mores the point I hate doing it twice in an afternoon. Have I learnt my lesson or not? No. Falling out your chair is a humiliation best avoided and if it must be done keep it to your own home. Public humiliation is the worst. At least I was in the house, but even I have to say that I went quite a cropper the second time and thought Id broken my leg. Not that it would be that easy to tell to be truthfully. But several hours later it just looks like some nice bruises are coming along.
NOTE to self... 'can I stand up?'..... NO YOU BLOODY CANT, SO DONT EVEN THINK IT!!!

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